IP Camera connection NVR mobile detection alarm invalid?

Possible cause: IP Camera did not turn on the mobile detection alarm.

Solutions: Check whether IP Camera mobile detection alarm is enabled, whether the mobile detection area is set, whether the mobile detection sensitivity is set too low (sensitivity from 1 to 5). 1 lowest 5 highest).

Possible reason: NVR did not turn on the mobile detection alarm.

Solution: check whether the NVR mobile detection alarm is enabled.

IP Camera connect NVR without image?

Possible reasons: IP Camera and NVR are not in the same network segment.

Solution: modify the IP address of IP Camera or NVR to make it in the same network segment.

Possible cause: IP Camera conflicts with the IP address of a device in a LAN.

Solution: modify the IP address of IP Camera. Reconnect NVR.

Possible reason: when you add IP Camera on NVR, you do not enter the correct IP Camera login password.

Solution: add the IP Camera to enter the correct IPC login password. (Note: When NVR adds IP Camera, there is an add device prompt box. In fact, there is a requirement to enter a username and password. The username and password here are the username and password of IP Camera, not the username and password of NVR)

After DHCP is enabled, the device can't automatically get the IP address?

Possible reason: router DHCP server is not enabled.

Solution: DHCP, short for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, is used to automatically assign IP addresses to LAN devices. After DHCP is enabled, a normal running DHCP server is required. Generally, DHCP server function is implemented by router. When the device can not automatically obtain IP, it is necessary to check whether the router has DHCP function enabled.

After the upgrade equipment is successful, there is an abnormal typesetting in the re login device.

Possible reason: IE typesetting has changed, re-login device calls cache data, resulting in typesetting abnormalities

Solution: Open the browser, click the Tools menu, select Internet Options, click the Delete File button in the Internet Temporary File, and delete the IE cache.

What should I do if I forget my password?

Solution: There is a [RESET] button on the IP Camera backboard or interface line. When powered on, hold down the reset button for 1-2 seconds, loosen it for 1-2 seconds, repeat it three times, and the device will restore the factory value. The default IP: is the default username password: admin / Admin

Note: non professional please do not press the RESET key. After reset, all parameters will be restored to the factory value except for the network physical address.

No sound during interception

Possible reason 1: no access to audio input?

Solution: check the audio connection of the host.

Probably because 2:IP Camera did not open the audio options for the corresponding channels?

Solution: Check IP Camera Audio Parameter Settings - Audio Properties - Audio Switch to see if the audio is turned on, preview the interface and listen to the intercom if it is turned on.

Login device, but no parameters can be modified.

Possible reasons: non administrator privileges login devices

Solution: please login with administrator's permission.

The actual color of the image is abnormal (green or other colors).

Possible cause: video parameters have been modified.

Solution: To detect the tone and white balance in the video parameters, it is recommended to use automatic white balance. Do not use manual white balance for non-professional personnel.

Why are video images not smooth?

The possible reason is that the video frame rate set by 1:IP Camera is too low, causing the image to be non real time.

The solution is to increase the frame rate parameter of the video, the highest PAL standard is 25FPS, and the NTSC standard is the highest 30FPS.

2 possible reasons: too many users connect to devices at the same time, resulting in excessive load on device CPU.

Solution: you can close some clients or set IP Camera to reduce frame rate or bit stream.

Possible reasons 3: network bandwidth is too low, data congestion, resulting in packet loss.

Solution: reduce the frame rate of video or reduce the code rate and reduce network burden.

Possible reasons 4: server hardware configuration is too low, resulting in insufficient decoding.

Solution: HD device interface on the display card, CPU, memory have certain requirements, the detection server CPU has memory usage, using device sub-stream decoding, reduce the main stream of code to reduce the burden of the server.

Device Search and CMS search software do not search for equipment.

Possible Reason 1: Device Search and CMS software use multicast protocols to search device network information across network segments, while firewalls do not allow multicast packets to pass through, resulting in the failure to search for device network information.

Solution: turn off the firewall.

Possible reasons 2: devices and servers are not in the same LAN.

Solution: check the network to ensure that the device and server are in a unified LAN.

Device cannot upgrade via IE?

Possible cause 1:IE security level is too high.

Solution: Change IE permissions, IE Tools - > Internet Options - > Security - > Customization Level, among other options, allow uploading files with local directory paths, as shown below:

MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

Possible reasons 2: the device is in the upgrade process, but there is no progress bar display.

Solution: Control and IE page do not match the cause of no progress bar display, re-download the control, and installation, installation process reference manual.

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